Wildflower Yoga and EFT - turn chaos into calm
Exhausted? Overwhelmed?

Are tantrums, biting, grabbing, screaming, hitting and
lack of sleep pushing you to overwhelm?

turn up your patience

turn chaos into calm

make your best better

Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT Tapping
for parents and their little ones, whether in diapers or in school
because parenting is big and the early years are important.

Spring 2018 Special!

As Wildflower is working through her EFT Certification practicum, she is offering up to 3 complimentary online sessions to
parents and their little ones.

For more info Email or call Wildflower at 250.486.5739.

Does the thought of Quiet Time make you drool?
With one-to-one support,
find balance and turn chaos into calm 
even through parenting little ones!

In person and on line private sessions are available.

Please email Wildflower to arrange a
complimentary 15 minute consultation to find out how
EFT Tapping can help you and your little ones.

"Thank you Wildflower for providing a safe space for me
to explore... I know there is an emotional boost to people
when we get to practice in your class. I think
we all feel respected and feel respectful of ourselves in return."
~ Leah

"Dear Wildflower, ... Thank you for helping to renew and restore my ability to listen gently to the wisdom and eloquence of my body. I am deeply grateful for your beautiful light.. Namaste, Laureen"  

"Wildflower, I love your practice of spaciousness~instead of the
“do more” attitude in this culture.
Restorative yoga is such a good fit!. Love and blessings, Barb"

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