Wildflower Yoga - calm you can bring home
Exhausted? Overwhelmed?

Does the thought of Quiet Time make you drool?
With one-to-one support,
find balance and calm you can bring home, 
even through stressful times!

In person and on line private sessions are available.
No yoga experience required.

Please email Wildflower to arrange a
complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

Little Ones & Their Grown-Ups

Are you feeling exhausted trying to keep up?
Are tantrums, biting, grabbing, screaming and hitting
pushing you to overwhelm?
Want to bring some fun and learning to your little ones?

Bring calm, co-operation and cozy quiet moments to your
family, daycare or preschool.
In person or on line private sessions are available for families.
On-site interactive consultations are available for
daycares and preschools and include
Professional Development Certificates for staff,
gotta love that!
No yoga experience required.

Please email Wildflower to arrange a
complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

"It was great. I was honestly impressed. I thought it was going
to be difficult to maintain their attention but you maintained it with the pace and the songs. They really enjoyed it!" 
~ Cathy, Wishing Well Place

"Jakub reports that he is able to fall asleep much easier
when he does the 'conscious sleeping' thing, so cute." ~ Jen

"Hi Wildflower, So I asked the boys what they thought, how they felt and if they would go to Yoga again and.... They all gave it/you
two thumbs up!  I asked them when they would like to go again and they said..tomorrow!  Thanks Jen"

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