Are you feeling stressed by big behaviours?

Tired and overwhelmed?

Worried about your little one?

Welcome, I'm Wildflower. 

I help families through the tender bits of life. 

Behaviour is communication.

Big feelings can be challenging for children to be with. I help families move through challenging times with simple techniques that bring calm, easy peasy. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT

EFT also known as Tapping is a simple but powerful self-help tool that brings relaxation and relief around emotional issues that keep you stuck and hold you back in life. By gently tapping on acupuncture points while being aware of thoughts and feelings that you'd like to change, negative patterns are released, bringing comfort and ease to life's challenges. 

Picture Tapping Techniques, PTT

PTT combines tapping with making pictures (no experience or skill required!) for gentle but deep access to the subconscious. Resolution can happen quite simply with no thinking, analyzing or interpreting needed. Picture Tapping can be a great tool for working with children - and for adults working through any issue, especially adverse experiences from the early years, including in utero and birth.

I offer a free monthly Parent-Child Picture Tapping Group.

Try a little tapping for Big Calm.

EFT has been my saving grace through profound losses, life changes and personal growth. Picture Tapping has been an integral tool in repairing my insecure avoidant attachment style to experience authentic intimacy in adult relationships.

Tapping is my #1 tool for dealing with the ups, downs, bumps and bends in life. 

I bring keen presence, playfulness and a profound respect for safety to my work.

I am an Accredited Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with EFT International, a Certified TRE Provider and a Certified Kripalu (Compassion) Yoga Teacher. I'm also an Infant Development Consultant, Early Childhood Educator, Infant Massage Instructor and Parent-Child Mother Goose Teacher. And I make the best playdough ever!

Schedule a free 20 minute consult with me to chat about your particular needs and what would best support you.

Here I am, oh..., a few years back, shortly after taking the name Wildflower.

If you're looking to rekindle passion and pleasure or you're looking for true love, visit Tap Into True Love to learn more about the support I provide as a Certified EFT Relationship Coach. Embody pleasure, passion and connection.

If losing a pregnancy is holding you back, whether it's been days or decades since your loss, find Peace After Pregnancy Loss so you can move forward with joy, passion and purpose.

"Thank you Wildflower for providing a safe space for me to explore... I know there is an emotional boost to people when we get to practice in your class. I think we all feel respected and feel respectful of ourselves in return."

~ Leah

"Dear Wildflower, Thank you for helping to renew and restore my ability to listen gently to the wisdom and eloquence of my body. I am deeply grateful for your beautiful light."

~ Laureen

"Wildflower, in your gentle way and with great patience you have inspired me to find a practice that has helped so much in recovering my mobility and strength.." ~ Beth

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