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Wildflower Yoga and EFT - turn chaos into calm
Wildflower has a special knack for
helping parents, child care providers and educators
turn chaos into calm. She also has an amazing ability to help
little ones build calm and choose co-operation.

Restorative Yoga and EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping have been vital tools in Wildflower's journey.

She delights in the presence of little ones and
they reflect that delight right back at her!
She enjoys supporting families, daycares and preschools working through the challenges of growing up little ones and
she makes the best playdough ever!!

Wildflower is a Certified Kripalu (Compassion) Yoga Teacher
and a Certified Early Childhood Educator.
She is completing her Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT Tapping Practitioner Certification.

"Thank you Wildflower for providing a safe space for me
to explore... I know there is an emotional boost to people
when we get to practice in your class. I think
we all feel respected and feel respectful of ourselves in return."
~ Leah
"Wildflower, in your gentle way and with great patience you have inspired me to find a practice that has
helped so much in recovering my mobility and strength.." ~ Beth

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