little tapping BIG CALM - EFT Tapping for parents and little ones
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Click on the link below to check out a toddler tapping song Wildflower wrote to teach toddlers the tapping points, and to feel better just like that!

"I just showed this video to my 3 1/2yr old son. He knows the tapping points but isn’t usually very engaged. He loved this song and we played it 3 times at his request. In the end all 5 of us were singing it! He’s gone to sleep with no tantrum tonight so thanks Wildflower ❤️" ~ Cat Nyika Davidson

"It was great. I was honestly impressed. I thought it was going to be difficult to maintain their attention but you maintained it with the pace and the songs. They really enjoyed it!" ~ Cathy, Wishing Well Place

"Jakub reports that he is able to fall asleep much easier
when he does the 'conscious sleeping' thing, so cute." ~ Jen

"Hi Wildflower, So I asked the boys what they thought, how they felt and if they would go to Yoga again and.... They all gave it/you two thumbs up!  I asked them when they would like to go again and they said..tomorrow!  Thanks Jen"

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